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Bric à Brac's Canary Cabaret
The Rooftop Canary Wharf
Bric à Brac Theatre is back again for an epic night of comedy, live music, and more at this special cabaret spectacular in Canary Wharf! The soirée will feature performances by a variety of based cabaret artists who will entertain and delight. As per Bric à Brac tradition the cabaret will feature the legendary raffle. Prizes in the past have included bottles of fizz, unique experiences, and candy bars! (Line-up announced soon!) 

Glass Ceiling Image.jpg

Glass Ceiling Beneath The STars 

The Pleasance 

2-27 August 2023


September 12, 1992. USA. Hurricanes in Hawaii, the longest running game of the US Men's Tennis Open and NASA launches the Endeavour STS-47. Onboard are two women set to change history. Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman to go to space, and Jan Davis, the first married woman to go to space with her husband. When they came back to Earth there was one question everyone wanted the answer to: did the couple have sex in space?

The Glass Ceiling Beneath the Stars is a live cinema show based on true events investigating what it really means to be a woman taking up space.

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