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Bric à Brac Theatre are a Lecoq trained devising collective focused on creating unique feminist theatre shows and live experiences. Our practice of collaborative theatre making tackles challenging topics to create the stories that we want to see onstage. We merge theatrical mediums, such as live sound and multimedia, to create productions which ask provocative questions that actively confront our audiences. At the heart of all our work is the desire to foster meaningful connections through artist development and to represent the communities we serve.

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Meet The Team

We've also had the enormous pleasure of working with many other talented artists and associates...

 Lisa Maria Berg  (founding Bric à Brac member), Henry Lambert (founding Bric à Brac member), Hamish Adams-Cairns (performer/deviser), Hugo Aguirre (designer), Natalie Jackson (designer), Harry Kearton (performer/deviser), Claire Parry (performer), David Tims (performer/deviser/composer), Adam Bruce (performer/deviser),  Siobhan Cha Cha (performer/deviser), Pepa Duarte (performer/deviser), Katrin Padel (lighting designer), Jo Wright (designer), Tom Curzon (performer), Paul Tonkin (performer/musician), Steffan Rizzi (performer/musician), Tim Harris (performer/musician), Luke Murphy (performer/deviser), Michael Kiersey (performer), Henry Wyrley-Birch (performer), Amy Hendry (asst), Peter Taylor  (asst),  Sebastiano Kiniger (performer/photographer).  


Alex Hinson

Alex is a movement director, actor/singer and yoga teacher. She received her bachelor degree in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence in New York. Alex has a keen interest in bringing wellness into theatrical spaces and works to promote mental wellbeing through her creative practices.

Alice Kitty Devlin

Alice Kitty is an actor, director and workshop facilitator from North London. She is the Associate Director at Punchdrunk Enrichment. You can see more of her work here.


Anna Marshall

Anna holds an MFA in directing from Birkbeck and was recently trainee director at Leeds Playhouse. She specialised in collaborative theatre making and devised processes.


Christina H. Holmbek

 Christina, originally from Norway, began working with the company in 2017.  Christina has toured with several other theatre companies, both in the UK and Norway. She has also debuted as a film actor and musical theatre actor.


Roxanne Browne

Roxanne is an actor and workshop facilitator and studied at the University of Manchester. She has also taught drama around the world, mainly in China.

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