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Who asked the Crocodile...

One of our favourite teachers at Jacques Lecoq taught us to 'hold on tightly, let go lightly'. Letting go can be a challenge but this was exactly what we needed to do in order to move forward as a company.

Originally our idea for 'Mustard Doesn't Go With Girls' involved dark subject matter, high tech requirements, and a 'Wes Anderson' aesthetic. While these elements initially excited us, over time we lost the love for this embryo of an idea. We met on a Wednesday morning in early May to discuss our concerns and our director suggested, "What if we take Mustard and turn it into a kids show?" Hah. Funny. but she was serious.

Okay, why not? Feminist literature for children is trending and we are super down with that. We decided we'd give it a go and researched princess fairytales and strong women from history. Once we got into the rehearsal room we did some animal work, wrote some lyrics, played with books and ties... We basically took this idea and flew. Literally though, we created a helicopter onstage.

After a breezy five days of research and development we performed the first ten minutes of this show to an invited audience who graciously gave us feedback. The overall response was quite positive and we could not be more excited to continue developing this show! More information on next steps for 'Mustard Doesn't Go With Girls' to come stay tuned!

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