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Over and Out (for now...)

(Photo: Sebastiano Kiniger)

We had a grand old time down at The Space on Wednesday night, hosting our very first Bin the Belly extravaganza! Massive thanks to our lovely audience for their participation and energy, we certainly couldn't do it without you...

It has also been fab to be back at The Space over the last few weeks - massive thanks for having us again. And last but certainly not least, a huge shout out to our extraordinary production team who have worked tirelessly to help us get this project on its feet. You're absolute stars, all of you!

For now, we're coming together and taking stock of everything we've done over the last month. The summer is shaping up to be quite busy, with two of our wonderful company members, Alice Devlin and Lisa Berg, off to the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes with their own solo shows. Definitely check them out, they are both fabulous in equal measures.

In the mean time, we ask you to keep your ears peeled... There will surely be some Bin the Belly-related updates in the very near future...

(Photo: Natalie Jackson)

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