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'Ash' at the Vaults

So, incase we didn't bang on about it enough and you didn't hear, we at Bric à Brac were lucky enough to take part in this year's Vault Festival in London's Waterloo from 8th - 12th Feb 2017! It was a wonderful way to come back to Ash after our trip to the Edinburgh Fringe last year, and see what London had to think about it.

Ash is our debut show and it has been on quite the journey. In March 2015 (wow, a long time ago) we did our first R&D at Southwark Playhouse. Then we had a fantastic 5 night run at The Space in Mudchute (Feb 2016) followed by a trip to the inaugaral Paris Fringe (May 2016), and then Edinburgh Fringe (August 2016). To finish this epic tale at The Vault Festival almost 2 years since our first showing was a real treat. This show has changed so much over the years: cast, music choices, scenes; but not the spirit of it. The story has always been central to our telling and we are so happy we've been able to share the story of George Crozier and his life with so many people.

Ash in tech at The Space, February 2016

Ash in tech at The Vault Festival 2017

Ash in tech in February 2016 (above) and February 2017 (below)

The show has also always been about smoking. How it effects us physically, how it affects our relationships and what it can lead to. Our aim was to make a show that was fun, but had a heart, and we like to think this happened. The Vault run was ended on a high with this lovely 5* review from Fringe Guru

"It's grounded firmly in no-nonsense Yorkshire, but it's filled with creative flourish; it plays to the eyes and the ears, but most of all to the heart...despite the levity, despite the humour, despite the dance, this is a troubling and deeply moving play. I left the theatre quietly, and I stayed shrouded in silence for much of my journey home." Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru

If you would like to vote for Ash for the People's Choice Award please follow this link here. We would like to thank everyone who has come to see Ash over the last two years, we couldn't have done it without you.

Bric à Brac are now starting work on a new piece, and plan to continue to tackle big issues through with a cabaret flair. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and thanks for reading!

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