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Welcome to 

Kid's Lab!

Kid’s Lab is a place to explore, learn and share great discoveries! We will be uploading videos made by ourselves and creative associates to entertain, provide fun activities and provoke conversations both at school and at home. There will be the chance to submit work and celebrate achievements, as well as exciting content to keep us learning and laughing along the way.


Bric à Brac Theatre members have worked extensively in educational settings and we wanted to use our skills to provide a library of resources for teachers still at school and the families and carers, who now find themselves home-schooling their young people. We wanted to create a platform during these uncertain times, that would help spark creativity and spread positivity and so the Kids’ Lab was born! 


Explore the laboratory and make sure to register for super secret content such as our 5* family musical, Mustard Doesn't Go With Girls!

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