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Bric à Brac Sets Sail For Jersey!

We positively can't wait for our residency in Jersey next month! On 17th November we'll be setting sail for balmy island shores with the whole Just Lose It gang.

Thanks to the support of ArtHouse Jersey we have an intensive period to develop Just Lose It, finishing up with a show at the Jersey Opera House Studio on Saturday 25th November -that's two Bric à Brac firsts in one... gold stars if you can guess why!*

It's been a few months since our initial R&D of Just Lose It at The Space in London. We've used this time to take stock and mull things over but now we are most certainly set and raring to go. We can't wait to get our teeth stuck back into the nefarious world of weight loss and the whimsical absurdities of Bin the Belly.

And whilst we're on the subject, maybe you, dear reader, would profit from a fun-packed weekend on a kooky little island in the channel - finishing things up with a hippo-munching, calorie-counting knees-up with your favorite weight loss corporation...?! So why not join us on the 25th - Tickets available here.

All things considered, we are very excited and are super grateful for the support of ArtHouse Jersey who are making the residency possible!

Over the last few months we've also hosted a few cabaret-comedy nights down at The Patio in Finsbury Square, in London. We've had an absolute blast putting them on and just want to say a huge thanks to all the fab acts that we've had the pleasure of presenting! Stay tuned for more soon...


*First time Bric a Brac performs on an island (shock,horror).

**First time Bric a Brac performs at the OPERA!

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