New project: 'Just Lose It'

It's happening! As you may well have gathered, we are working on a new show and it's called Just Lose It. It's an immersive, interactive cabaret that explores the weird and wonderful world of weight loss

We're back at The Space, just over a year after we were here performing Ash in 2016. This time we're back to do an R&D residency which has been on-going for the last couple of weeks - and we've been having loads of fun... Without giving too much away, you can expect a whole range of slightly bonkers characters, a cracking 90s playlist, and the chance to get loose and let your hair down with Bric à Brac!

To conclude the residency we'll be presenting our first preview of the show to an audience - new and exclusive - on Wednesday 10th May! This will be at 8pm at The Space - more details about tickets here. We are super excited to share it and look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas. As ever, we really value your support!